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The AJA Advantage

APPS offers many resources not offered by other programs, including:


AJA has been leading pre-filing alternative prosecution for over 17 years.  We understand how to set up a successful program for both defendants and government agencies.


AJA is run on integrity – meaning we put our client’s first.  We ensure all defendants are offered the highest level of interaction as if you were directing it yourself.


We genuinely care about rehabilitation, which is why we want our program to work.  AJA conducts regular studies on the recidivism rate to ensure our materials are doing their job.


One thing we know is that petty crimes take time to prosecute.  Our pre-filing diversion frees up time to enable you to prosecute the cases that keep hardened criminals off the streets. Prosecutors using pre-filing diversion see a reduction of workload upwards of 25%.


Every prosecution big or small costs money.  APPS saves you money by handling petty crime cases for you from start to finish, reducing costs for both your agency and your defendants.

APPS saved the city of Los Angeles thousands of dollars and man hours, while providing a more effective rehabilitation program that we could offer.

Carmen Trutanich - City Attorney, Los Angeles