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About Us

American Justice Associates was founded by licensed California Attorneys committed to providing professional, effective alternatives to prosecution for entry-level misdemeanor offenders. After seeing the need for a turnkey solution to overcrowded courts and jails, they created the American Justice Program as a win-win solution for all parties involved: the defendant, the prosecutor’s office, the court, and society at large. By referring cases to AJA, the court system now knows it has a workable, cost-effective solution to non-violent crimes.

Our team is a mixture of licensed, California Attorney’s, criminologists, and experts in the field of alternative prosecution.  Most importantly we empathize with defendants in a personal manner, with a goal to see true rehabilitation, not just completing a program. Further, we are committed to advancing our programs with the latest in technology, making it easier for defendants and government agencies to interact with American Justice Associates.

Based in Los Angeles, CA with offices in Van Nuys and downtown LA, American Justice Associates is able to help with planning, administering, and implementing pre-filing diversion programs anywhere in the United States.

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